B-24 Executive Desk

B-24 Executive Desk

Dimensions: Six feet 1″ long by 43″ wide14

In the character of our full size B-24J Hull section sculptures, we have now added a “practical” line of Executive/Corporate Desks.
Another “classic” has been painstakingly analyzed and re-engineered to manufacture the finest utilitarian reproduction aircraft panel model in the world.0
This 1/2 scale replica makes for an distinguished Corporate desk suitable in an office that will be the focus point in that space.
This Executive desk is Ideal for, Hangars, Corporate Offices, Aviation Museum Exhibits.
 These are beautifully polished desk’s with glass top.

The finished desk minus nose art features:

* Actual stringers and former’s for framework

* 3/8″ glass top

* Sub-structure available in Zinc-Chromate Green or Yellow powder coated

* Six feet 1″ long by 43″ wide

* Camouflage options and markings and stenciling

* PB4Y-1 Naval variant also available

* Hi-Polished Mirror finish

* Corporate Logos

B-24 Executive Desk