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BocksCar the B-29 Superfortress THAT DROPPED THE 2nd ATOMIC BOMB and ended World WarII.

Rising to an altitude of 60,000 feet the mushroom cloud from the Nagasaki atom bomb could be seen spreading out over the landscape and blocking out the sun!

B-29 Superfortres Enola Gay After Dropping The Atomic Bomb

The decision to drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima by the United States was believed, at that time, to be the only hope to but a quick end the War! The atomic bomb, named “Little Boy”, was carried to its destination, by the B-29 bomber Enola Gay and dropped on Hiroshima. Even though it would take a second atomic bomb dropped by the B-29 “Bockscar, to end the war, the “Enola Gay” has been credited with ending World War II.

Little Boy


B-29 Bockscar Superfortress bomber “Bockscar “ was nicknamed after its commanding Captain Frederick C. Bock.

B-29 Bockscar

The industrial city of Kokura was the primary target for the August 9 bombing mission, however, when the B-29 Bockscar arrived at its destination with the atomic bomb “Fat Man” the city of Kokura was obscured and they were unable to see their primary target. After making three attempts to see their target they decided to proceed to their secondary target of Nagasaki. At 11:02 am, Fat Man was dropped and the bomb exploded about 43 seconds later at an altitude of about 1,540 feet above the ground and the bomb destroyed approximately 40% of Nagasaki.

Atomic Bomb Fat Man

Even though Fat Man was a more powerful bomb than Little Boy, the hilly terrain around Nagasaki helped to lessen the destruction. The city of Hiroshima was much flatter and open and thus suffered much greater devastation. Amazingly the fate of the people of Kokura was saved by mother nature and at the same time doomed so many citizens of Nagasaki?

Whether it was morally right or wrong the B-29 “Bockscar” and its crew were made a part of history and she carried out the job she was assigned to do and completed her mission. Even though the B-29 bockscar has been almost been forgotten for actually ending the War the Enola Gay still takes the spotlight.

Bockscar lives on to this day and is based in Dayton Ohio in the air Force Museum.