B-17F Memphis Belle Nose Art Panel

B-17F Flying Fortress Memphis Belle Nose Art

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B-17F Flying Fortress Memphis Belle Nose Art Panel

Dimensions: 40″ x  18"

The "B-17" is one of the most distinguished airplanes ever manufactured during the war. The first B-17 made its maiden flight in July of 1935.

There were only a few B-17s that were in service on Dec. 7, 1941. Manufacturing increased after United States entered World War II.

The B-17s operated in every theater of operation during World War II. Utilized by the 8th Airforce in Europe they engaged in a large number of missions from bases in England.

They flew in dangerous daylight bombing missions over heavenly defended cities in Europe. Swarms of the "B-17's" would fly in the most flak ridden skies ever produced during "World War II". The loss of planes and lives during WW II marked a dark period in the history of mankind.

The Memphis Bell was able to complete a total of 25 combat missions while serving from its bases in England.

During WW II Germany was unable to build an effective bomber aircraft. They just could not compete with the allied forces B-17 heavy bomber aircraft. This error limited the strategic possibilities for Germany. The B-17 was just what the allied forces needed, at that time in history, to change the outcome of WW II.

The production of the heavy bomber ended in May 1945. There were a totaled 12,726 b-17s built. 

At the end of the war, the Memphis Belle transferred to a Naval Air Station in Memphis Tennessee.

The Memphis Belle was brought back to its Pre-World War II condition.

Dimensions: 40″x18 in
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