F-14B FLIR CAT Nose Art Panel

F-14B Tomcat FLIR Cat Nose Art

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F-14B Tomcat FLIR Cat Nose Art Panel

Captain Dale "Snort" Snodgrass 

Dimensions: 30" x 19"

Capt Snodgrass is well known in the aviation society. He flew a record amount of hours in an F-14B Tomcat, over 4,800 hrs of flying time. Capt Snodgrass made over 1,200 carrier landings.

He was the Commanding officer of the Strike Fighter Squadron. Later he leads a fighter squadron that was a part of Desert Storm War.

The film name "TOP GUN" was roughly based on "Snodgrass". He went on to serve as a movie consultant on the film.

The notorious knife-edge passes photograph depicted on the left side of the fuselage. illustrates what Capt Snodgrass is famous for.

He usually performs it in air shows now. You can see that he had his arms behind his head when performing this maneuver.

The Tomcat with high powered GE turbofan Jet Engines was an amazing combat fighter plane. Possessing carefree engine handling the F-14B Tomcat now became a formidable dogfighter aircraft. 

Time-tested nose art is still enduring and thriving in the current century. Although it came out nearly a century ago, it still continues to be used in the world today. The stereotypical themes and finishing of the work have radically changed. Fighter planes wearing artworks seen in the current scenario use slogans, not of war but of peace. They use nicknames, quotes from movies, lines from popular songs, etc. At a greater degree of personalization, people paint their names, nicknames, personal messages, etc. on the sides of their airplanes.

Acrylic paints are used to produce the artworks with the help of brushes and talented painters and artists. In many cases, airbrushes are used to make the painting faster and with adorning finishes. There are many professionals (though not as many as graphic designers) who can deliver beautiful results for nose art. Current nose art has greater detail and a lot more different finishes are available now than in the salad days of the art. Special effects like beveling, embossing and shadowing are also listed as part of the catalog of today’s designs. Depending on your taste and budget and feasibility, you can make your pick today and get your airplane beautifully painted with some gorgeous nose art.

Dimensions: 30"x19" in
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