F-14B Tomcat FLIR Cat Nose Art

Dimensions: 30" x 19"  Shipping $28.00.

This Art Panel shows a cat sitting on a warhead holding a symbol for the Forward Looking Infrared Radar System.

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F-14B Tomcat FLIR Cat Nose Art

Captain Dale "Snort" Snodgrass 

Dimensions: 30" x 19"

Capt Snodgrass is well known in the aviation society. He flew a record amount of hours in an F-14, over 4,800 hrs of flying time. Capt Snodgrass made over 1,200 carrier landings.

He was the Commanding officer of the Strike Fighter Squadron. Later he leads a fighter squadron that was a part of Desert Storm War.

The film name "TOP GUN" was roughly based on "Snodgrass". He went on to serve as a movie consultant on the film.

The notorious knife-edge passes photograph depicted on the left of side the fuselage. illustrates what Capt Snodgrass is famous for.

He usually performs it in air shows now. You can see that he had his arms behind his head when performing this maneuver.

The Tomcat with high powered GE turbofan Jet Engines was an amazing combat fighter plane. Possessing carefree engine handling the F-14 now became a formidable dogfighter aircraft. 

Dimensions: 30"x19" in
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