P-40C Warhawk Charles Older

P-40C Warhawk Charles H. Older Nose Art

Dimensions: 28″ x  18"  Shipping $28.00.
This outstanding special hand-painted aviation nose art panel contains the well-known shark teeth.           
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P-40C  Warhawk Charles H. Older Nose Art

Flown by Charles H. Older

Dimensions: 28″x  18"

Charles Older and  R.T. Smith served together in the "United States Army Air Forces". He had the honor of becoming the group's operations officer and deputy commander.
He was the third highest scoring ace of the American Volunteer Group the "Flying Tigers".
It was the air war over Rangoon that branded the trademark on its notoriety as the famous "Flying Tigers".
The AVG served at Rangoon For a duration of 10 weeks.
Charles Older served in both World War II and the Korean conflict. Scoring a total of 18 victories he became the third highest scoring Ace with the Flying Tigers.
World War II Nose Art gave a plane identity, character, and humor expressed by its crew. These were emotionless machines designed for destruction. The nose art made the crew members feel hope. They believed that their personalized nose art would bring them luck and get them back home.
Dimensions: 28″x18" in
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