P-51 Mustang Cripes A'Mighty 3rd Nose Art Panel

P-51 Mustang Cripes A'Mighty 3rd Nose Art Panel

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P-51 Mustang Cripes A'Mighty 3rd Nose Art Panel


Flown by Major George Preddy

Dimensions: 40" x 18" 

This was Preddy's third P-51D Mustang during the war. 

History of the P-51 Mustang
Back in the days of the old west the Indians preferred the quick and small Mustang when they went into battle. It's no wonder that young fighter pilots almost without exception wanted to fly the famous namesake of that sleek and powerful horse, for the same reasons .
The P-51 is truly a pilot's airplane. Time and time again it has proven that it can more than hold its own against any opposition. In regards to its maneuverability and load-carrying capacity, it ranks equal to any fighter in the world.
The P-51 was the first airplane of this war to be built entirely on the experiences encountered in combat. It was American built, but was originally designed for the British after Hitler's Luftwaffe started to overwhelm Europe and many lessons had been learned about modern aerial warfare from actual experience.
The Mustang pilots saw their initial action in the summer of 1942. They were used by the British primarily for reconnaissance and rhubarb missions-for zooming in at low altitudes and strafing trains, troops and enemy installations.


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