P-51 Mustang Petie 2nd Nose Art Panel

P-51 Mustang Petie 2nd Nose Art Panel

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P-51 Mustang Petie 2nd Nose Art Panel

Flown by Lt. Col. John Meyer

John Meyer After flying P-40's and scoring 3 victories in a P-47 thunderbolt, his first P-51 Mustang was named Lambie II, and then he changed it then Petie 2nd. This fighter aircraft was where he scored majority of his kills in. 

The P-51's took the war back across the English channel after Dunkirk and soon after they set a record by being the first single engine planes to penetrate into Germany from England's bases.
The powerful little Mustangs were so successful were that the United States AAF decided to adopt this American-built plane for its own.
There were two models of the Mustangs built as improvements. The P-51A and also an attack model, the A-36, which was equipped with bomb racks, diving brakes. It also replaced the four 20mm cannons with six 50-cal. guns. The A-36 performed as a fighter, strafer and dive bomber. It was truly a triple threat, and made aviation history when the Allies arrived in Sicily and Italy.
As the war progressed there was an urgent need for higher altitude, longer range fighters. The Mustang was then changed over to the Allison engine, with a single-spaced blower was replaced by the more powerful Rolls-Royce Merlin engine with a 2-speed blower. Along with other improvements, the prop was increased from three to four blades.

Dimensions: 18" x 40" in
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