P-51B Mustang Shangri-La

P-51B Mustang Shangri-La Nose Art

Dimensions: 40″ x  18"  Shipping $28.00.
The Shangri-La Aircraft Nose Art Panel is hand painted on aircraft-grade aluminum.
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P-51B Mustang Shangri-La Nose Art

Flown by Cpt. Don Gentile

Dimensions: 40″ x  18"

Gentile denied Pilot training at the USAAC, he would do the same as fellow enlistees and join the RCAF. The first aircraft he shot down was in a Spitfire with Eagle Squadron. Gentile went to the USAAF with the rest of his fighter group in September 1942. He ended the war with more than twenty-seven victories. Nineteen of those were in the P-51 Mustang.

The P-51 Mustang became the best long-range fighter aircraft in aviation history. Dominating the skies over Europe and Japan, the Mustang outmaneuvered our enemies aircraft.

World War II Nose Art gave a plane identity, character, and humor expressed by its crew. These were emotionless machines designed for destruction. The nose art made the crew members feel hope. They believed that their personalized nose art would bring them luck and get them back home.


Dimensions: 40"x18" in
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