P-51D Mustang Old Crow

P-51D Mustang Old Crow Nose Art

Dimensions: 40″ x  18"  Shipping $28.00.
Aircraft Nose Art Panels, Honor Our Heroic Veterans That Have Sacrificed So Much For Our Freedom.

This Historic Hand Painted Aircraft Nose Art Panel Can be Yours Today!

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P-51D Mustang Old Crow Nose Art

Major Clarence E "Bud Anderson"

Dimensions: 40″ x  18"

Becoming a WWII Triple Ace Bud Anderson flew the amazing P-51 Mustang, "Old Crow". The 357th Fighter Group was credited with shooting down 609 1/2 enemy aircraft in only 15 months. The 357th had astounding numbers of Aces, more than any other fighter group.

At the young age of 80, Bud Anderson continues to continue flying his P-51, which bears the same name "Old Crow". Bud still fly's at airshows with his lifelong friend General Charles E Chuck Yeager.

P-51D, N167F is currently in the color scheme of “Bud” Anderson's “Old Crow.

Bud Anderson named the P-51 Mustang after the smartest bird that flies in the sky, in Bud's opinion, the Crow. But In the opinion of his wartime drinking buddies. It was more likely named after that good old Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey “Old Crow”.

WII triple ace Bud Anderson was also a military experimental aircraft test pilot. Serving two combat tours during WW II and escorting heavy bomber over Europe in the P-51 Mustang. Bud flew 116 fighter combat missions and downed 16 enemy fighter planes. Fifteen of them were in the air to air combat and he destroyed one fighter before it even left the ground.

Bud flew an olive drab P-51D Mustang named “Old Crow” for part of the War. He mentioned to his crew chief, that he thought the olive drab paint stood out too much. He thought it was easier for enemy fighters to see him. That night his ground crew removed all the paint from his P-51 Mustang. To Bud's surprise the next day he had a bare polished metal aircraft.

The aircraft nose art name "Old Crow" appears along the upper cowl seam on both sides. The insignia for pilot & crew also runs along the seam of the upper cowl and in the right corner of the canopy frame. In the first three columns of the “Old Crow” are the victory markings. All thirteen are the standard black cross with white borders.

The P-51 Mustang become one of the greatest combat fighters in aviation history. Able to outmaneuver even the best of the World War II aircraft. The P-51 Mustang decimated its enemies and dominated the skies over Europe and Japan.

Dimensions: 40″x18″ in
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