Submarine Spitfire

Submarine Spitfire Jonnie-Johnson Nose Art

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Submarine Spitfire Jonnie-Johnson Nose Art
Flown by Wg Cdr James E. Johnson

Dimensions: 18" x 40"
Johnson had more kills than any other RAF pilot during the Second World War.
The Spitfire became the most appealing fighter aircraft of all time. The Spitfire played a major role in the Royal Air Forces' victory in the Battle of Britain.
The Mk I Spitfire received the lion's share of the fighting in Europe. Having a more powerful Rolls-Royce engine the Mk I put into service in Britain in September 1940.
The Mk I was unable to perform at a high enough level to compete with enemy fighter aircraft. The problem was no longer an issue after the Mk V airframe was re-fitted with the Merlin 61 engine.
This resulted in a far superior fighter aircraft and was, at last, the fighter the Royal Air Force needed.
The spitfire's performance improved with the addition of the Rolls-Royce Griffon engine.
The Royal Airforce now had a fighter aircraft that competed with the German Bf-109F.

Dimensions: 18x40 in
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